Low Cost Call Recording to Create Sales Opportunities

New Media Software, the leading comms channel only supplier of convergence applications has announced the launch of a new range of call recording solutions.

Commenting on the launch, Phill McGowan, Managing Director said, “For a long time, call recording products have been expensive to buy and the only customers have been companies that MUST have a call recorder. We believe that most businesses would like a recorder but have they been priced out of the market. Let’s face it if you are buying a £5000 phone system you are hardly likely to spend another £10K on a recorder!

We have today announced a range of low cost, trunk side call recorders. They offer fantastic value for money and deliver all the features that you would expect of a system costing many times as much.”

Based on standard PC architecture, the Adaptive Call recorder range includes 8-channel Basic Rate, 15 channel and 30 channel Primary Rate options. In the near future, 60, 90 and 120 channel versions will be launched.

McGowan continues, “We have launched three different software levels called Basic, Standard and Professional. As with our CTI applications, different software levels cater for the needs of different types of users. Basic is just that, it records calls, you can search for them and can play them back within a 90 day time limit. Standard has unlimited playback and Professional meets the needs of demanding users who need encryption to international standards.

Priced at a little over £3K for an 8-channel Basic Rate recorder and below £4K for a 30 Channel Primary Rate recorder, we believe that the Adaptive Call Recorders will create significant profit opportunities for our channel partners.

The Adaptive Call recorders will be launched at the Convergence Summit on the 10th and 11th October, Sandown Park.

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