M12 Fight Poverty in Kenya

Reseller M12 Solutions is doing their bit to help poverty in the developing world by sponsoring a 10 year old Kenyan child, so he may remain in education and complete his studies. Young Robert George of Watamu, Kenya, lost both of his parents to AIDS in January and was faced with having to leave school due to a lack of funding. M12 have guaranteed this funding so Robert may remain at school until he is 16.

M12’s Customer Support Manager, Bridget Carman, is a regular visitor to Kenya and was moved by the plight of young Robert. Bridget said: “My husband and I, Jake Carman, visit Kenya twice a year and always visit the local school, which was built in 2000 by our friend Mangi. We currently sponsor 2 children from the school and wanted to help Robert get through this tough time. He loves school and is doing really well. He is in the top 10 achievers and has a particular flair for English. I am really pleased that M12 are sponsoring Robert for this will have such a huge impact on his future”.

Bridget is also a patron of the Sonneti Academy and runs it’s website (www.sonnetiacademy.org). This is a vital link for the school as it not only offers up to date news but also actively encourages donations to help the school provide a brighter future for it’s pupils.

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