Maintel Awarded Contract

Maintel has been awarded a contract to deliver SCOPIA video conferencing solution to mental health care provider Partnerships in Care (PiC) across 23 sites nationwide.

‘The SCOPIA solution Maintel is to implement will reduce the need for patients to be transported between hospital and court rooms – a process that can be quite stressful for the patient involved. Additionally, PiC will be able to realise savings by reducing patient escorting costs for these visits.”

PiC will also save time and resource on meetings currently involving travel from one end of the country to another for meetings that may run for as little as half an hour.

The open nature of SCOPIA means that it will integrate seamlessly with any existing court room Polycom legacy devices and technology.

Such is SCOPIA’s ease-of-use of that it can be operated from a desktop, smart phone or tablet by multiple users, which means there is no need for a videoconferencing room.

David Ewing, IT Director, from Partnerships in Care said: “ As well as improving our patients care pathways, this vital technology solution will create significant savings for PiC as it greatly reduces the need for inter-site travel and the staffing resource required to transport patients.”

“SCOPIA will provide seamless communication between court room and our hospitals, as it integrates so easily with installed base solutions.”

“The move to SCOPIA is a continuation of PiC’s investment in Avaya and thereby complements our existing technology strategy.”
In again adopting leading-edge videoconferencing, Maintel is drawing on the heritage of Datapoint- which it acquired in September 2013 – as a leading telecoms innovator, particularly in regards to video conferencing.

Datapoint developed and patented the first commercial video conferencing systems – MINX (Multimedia Information Network eXchange) – which was used by US courts in the 1980s and by the Pentagon during the first Gulf War.

Simon Culmer (pictured), Managing Director, Avaya UK, commented, “Our SCOPIA video conferencing solution enables people to participate in high-quality video-calls, from either their desktop or mobile device. Customers who are using SCOPIA report time and resource savings and Partnerships in Care will experience this too. In addition, for patients, the benefits of not having to travel to court are enormous.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine