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Maintel Launches Cloud Security Service

Maintel has launched its new cloud-based managed security service, ICON Secure, which Encompasses enterprise internet connectivity and network protection services.

The solution is designed to protect organisations in real-time against any vulnerabilities, attacks, viruses and botnets, malware and phishing attacks. This cloud-based solution has been built by Maintel and is delivered as a managed service with a monthly fee.

ICON Secure delivers intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, data leakage prevention and a carrier grade DDoS mitigation service. Customers receive automatic threat updates on a 24/7 basis, and this intelligent ‘always on’ service automatically learns and updates according to the latest threat intelligence.

“Our customers are becoming more and more aware of the increasing spectrum of threats that pose a risk to their networks” said Jean-Frederic Karcher, Head of Security at Maintel. “By adding ICON Secure into our wider suite of ICON services, we’re providing customers with the right tools to ensure their networks are always safe and governed in accordance with the industry’s standards such as PCI-DSS or Cyber Essentials+. ICON Secure responds to threats around the clock to help thwart even the most sophisticated malware, enabling our customers to eliminate security gaps.”

Maintel has partnered with Fortinet to integrate the Fortinet Security Fabric virtual solutions and threat intelligence with ICON Secure, providing comprehensive security capabilities to enterprise customers.

“Enterprises today require an integrated security architecture designed to unify management, centralise and coordinate threat detection and intelligence, and provide a dynamically coordinated response to threats anywhere across the distributed network. By combining Maintel’s ICON Secure Service and the Fortinet Security Fabric, enterprise customers benefit from an integrated, scalable and adaptive security architecture that can respond to any potential threat across the entire attack surface,” said Yann Pradelle, VP Europe at Fortinet.

As part of the launch, organisations can undertake an initial cyber threat assessment, developed by Maintel in partnership with Fortinet, to assess their threat level exposure and give them full visibility of all activity on their network.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine