Manx Selects Radware

Radware has announced that Manx Telecom has selected Radware’s DefensePro to help protect its network from DDoS attacks and offer customers a cyber-attack mitigation service.

With the need to protect two internet-facing data centres for mobile & fixed broadband and corporate and hosting networks, Manx Telecom was looking for a reliable solution with a greater level of protection against volumetric and application layer attacks.

“Radware’s ability to mitigate at the edge of the network with a scalable solution that can grow with our needs was a deciding factor for us,” says Kevin Paige, chief technology officer at Manx Telecom. “With DefensePro, we’ll have the capacity to maintain business continuity by blocking attacks and not the traffic of legitimate users at the edge of the network, providing our customers with a greater level of protection than was previously possible.”

Adrian Crawley, regional director for Radware UK and Ireland, adds: “In our recent Global applications and Security report, we found that ISPs and hosting companies were the most at risk of cyber attack in 2014. Having a hybrid solution that fights back at both the network and application level will be imperative for resilience and data integrity. It will also ensure continuity of service for its customers who depend on them to keep their own Internet operations available.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine