Maverick Telemarketing chooses vc-net

Maverick Telemarketing, a specialist provider of B2B Direct Marketing services to technology companies, has turned to award-winning video managed services provider vc-net for a converged voice and videoconferencing network.

The staff at Maverick Telemarketing work with clients to deliver business opportunities such as scheduling appointments with prospective customers or business partners. Until recently, they relied on an unreliable and slow data connection, with no SLA.

Chris Massey, Managing Director at Maverick Telemarketing explains: “We chose vc-net over BT because they demonstrated a clear understanding of the services our business requires and the MPLS solution they proposed will ensure that we can deliver videoconferencing and voice, and expand our bandwidth under a single SLA.”

“The vc-net solution provides us with a more resilient infrastructure and reduces the total costs to the business. For example, we can now terminate our ADSL contract reducing costs. We can reduce the number of channels on our ISDN line from 19 to 4/5 and move to per second billing for outbound calls. There is also the potential to re-sell bandwidth to the two other companies in our building potentially providing an additional revenue stream to off-set against op-ex.”

Maverick intend to expand their use of video conferencing from their current desktop based solution to a full conferencing facility within a dedicated space within their Birmingham offices. This facility will be used to take briefs from clients pre-campaign, to undertake milestone reviews throughout the course of the campaign and post activity for de-briefing. As a niche provider of services to video conferencing vendors, resellers and network providers, it is logical for the company to invest in resilient infrastructure to deliver their services.

James Stere, Director of vc-net, comments: “vc-net is uniquely placed to provide Maverick Telemarketing with a converged solution carrying mission critical applications such as voice and video. As a telemarketing agency, Maverick clearly has numerous operators making a lot of calls so keeping costs as low as possible was a top priority.”

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