Mazuma steps up recycling mobile handset game

Mazuma, the online mobile phone recycling company, has announced a deal that means customers can now choose between hard cash or Argos and Homebase vouchers for their old mobiles.

If the consumer chooses vouchers rather than cash, the trade value is 10% higher, meaning the consumer can treat themselves to a new bike, shed, jewellery or even a new mobile for something that would either lie around the house gathering dust or go to landfill.

Charlo Carabott, managing director at Mazuma, stated: “We are always looking to exceed customers’ expectations and that includes the promotions we select. Now, customers not only get the best trade in prices they also get the best ‘with voucher incentive’ out there.

“Mazuma’s trade-in values are better than other sites and we guarantee our customers payment within 48hrs of receipt of phones,” claimed Carabott. “More importantly, Mazuma’s highly experienced valuation team spend a lot of time analysing market pricing in order for the customer to get consistent competitive values whilst avoiding daily fluctuations. Mazuma pricing is the industry benchmark.”

She continued: “Although selling the phone on an auction site such as eBay can sometimes fetch a higher value we find more often then not that our customers experience a lot of hassle and time consumption for the added value. Most eBay customers also expect perfectly working handsets, in good cosmetic order and complete of all accessories. Mazuma Mobile only require the handset and battery and do not devalue handsets on cosmetic condition.”

Users need to go to the Mazuma website and type in the model of their phone in the ‘Quick model search’. The site present the trade in value. Customers selling their old Nokia N95, currently the most popular brand and model, are receiving £105 cash or £115.50 in Argos or Homebase vouchers.

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