McWilliams Launch IPGENIE

Since 2003 two brothers Sean and Paul McWilliams of Northern Ireland based McWilliams Communications have been developing a new business VOIP telephony product which is built and designed in the UK. With 40 years of telecoms experience between them they have released IPGENIE a totally unlicensed unified communications platform which they says is set to take on the major players in the telecoms marketplace all over the world.

McWilliams say that as businesses strive to make savings and unify there communications one of the challenges of VOIP is the quality of the voice call. “A lot of VoIP providers and suppliers of IP Telephony use G711 which gives a voice call quality of between 60-80K which businesses will not accept in the day to day running as it gives jitter on the call. IPGENIE is set to challenge this as the call is sent out over 15k per voice call and prides itself on crystal clear communications.” The company adds, “Not only that, all the features and functions that are normally licensed with a product are integrated within IPGENIE with the result that it is set to save companies thousands of pounds on licensing and landline rentals of up to 60% by moving onto the new SIP protocol.”

By using a standard broadband and an upstream of 256k McWilliams say IPGENIE can achieve 6 channels or lines by going over one connection this can be expanded depending on the upstream this will abolish the need for legacy ISDN 2/30 channels. This, says the company, means the end user will reduce their line rentals by using one analogue line and a broadband.

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