Mitel Announces SIP Trunking on Series 5000

Mitel has announced the general availability of the Mitel 5000 Communications Platform (CP) release 3.1. This release supports Session Initial Protocol (SIP) trunking, enabling organisations to make significant cost savings, increase the flexibility and simplify the management of their network connections.

As part of the Mitel SIP interoperability certification program, the Mitel 5000 CP went through rigorous testing with SIP trunk provider VoiceFlex and now fully supports VoiceFlex SIP trunks. Ongoing interoperability testing will result in Mitel supporting additional SIP trunking providers on the Mitel 5000 CP.

“Mitel channels can offer a compelling cost saving proposition to small and medium sized businesses with SIP trunking providing them with dramatically reduced line rental costs in comparison to the cost of ISDN. We look forward to a fruitful relationship with VoiceFlex and the many opportunities that we are expecting,” states Sarah Morgan, Director of Product Management, Mitel.

It also presents customers with the ability to utilise location independent phone numbers meaning they can take their numbers with them and have local call rates throughout the UK. For example, if a company moves out of London they do not have to change their number.

The Mitel 5000 also integrates with Mitel Applications Suite (MAS) presenting a range of business applications on a single server including messaging, audio and web conferencing and auto-attendant, which will not only increases the customer’s productivity and effectiveness but also saves them money.

“We are extremely pleased to add the Mitel 5000 to our ever growing list of fully approved manufacturer’s platforms. We already have customers benefiting from a Mitel and VoiceFlex solution and look forward to helping many more Mitel customers make considerable savings with Voiceflex SIP trunks,” stated Paul Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director, VoiceFlex.

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