MLL Telecom Ready To Build Wireless Networks For UK Utilities

MLL Telecom, which specialises in building and operating wireless broadband networks, today announced that it is now able to plan, build and manage wireless networks for the 175 utility companies in the UK.

This capability is a result of MLL being awarded approved supplier status by Achilles UVDB – the procurement mechanism of choice for the utilities sector. MLL now has privileged access to the utility market reflecting its strength and experience in the wireless industry.

Utilities are under increasing pressure to deliver higher quality and better value services to end users. One of the tools the sector has for driving best value is to purchase through Achilles, which works to identify, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of major utilities organisations worldwide. Achilles builds and supports buyer-supplier communities by assessing and approving suppliers, adding them to the UVDB and so creating an economy of scale in purchasing.

The new, approved supplier status awarded by Achilles UDVB starts this week. It will enable MLL to supply equipment, managed services and consultation to organisations throughout the utilities sector under pre-agreed terms and conditions.

Neil Tucker, Marketing & Business Development Manager at MLL, said: “Public utilities are a relatively new market for MLL Telecom, but their wide geographic spread, usually across challenging topography, and need for reliable, cost effective connectivity fits our profile perfectly.”

Whether gathering telemetric data, extending the reach of an organisation’s wide area network or reducing the reliance on traditional copper and fibre, point-to-point wireless services represent the highest value and most reliable method of service delivery available.

Kenny Kamal, Chief Technology Officer of MLL Telecom, added: “Wireless networks are attractive to organisations which need to build cost-effective, scalable, high-capacity broadband networks quickly. During
2008 we have seen an increasing interest in our capabilities from the utilities sector. This newly awarded Achilles UVDB approved supplier status will enable us to address this increased demand directly. It also demonstrates yet another procurement organisation approving MLL Telecom – an indictment of the quality of service and best value we are offering.”

Earlier this year MLL was awarded official supplier status by, an executive agency of OGC in the Treasury, enabling the company to address increased demand from public sector organisations.

MLL’s customers include other network operators such as BT, Vodafone, Affiniti, ntl:Telewest, Azzurri and public sector organisations including East Sussex County Council, North Yorkshire County Council, Dorset Police, North Dorset District Council and a number of NHS hospitals. Enterprise customers include Argus Media, which provides market data, news and analysis about the world’s energy industries to customers around the world.

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