Mobile Distillery and Stollman cooperate on NFC

Mobile Distillery, the NFC porting platform for NFC embedded phones and NFC enabled phones, and Stollman, provider of portable, modular protocol stacks for ISDN, Bluetooth, and NFC, have announced at WIMA 2009 that they are cooperating to ease the adoption of NFC technology.

NFC has two contrasting reputations. One for being a technology that will revolutionise the way that consumers will use electronic devices, particularly mobile phones, and the other that the industry forecasts for start of the NFC revolution have been pushed out several times.

The companies claimed that the numerous trials worldwide have returned unanimous and enthusiastic consumer acceptance yet much of the talk in the NFC sector today is about how the ecosystem can work together to launch mainstream consumer services. This is where the association between the Mobile Distillery and Stollman cooperation comes into play, the companies stated.

Commented Vincent Berge, CEO at Mobile Distillery: “During conversations at previous NFC events we realized that we were both working on a common goal but at different levels of the software architecture. Both of us are working to ease the use of NFC technology by smoothing out the difference in hardware or software implementations. By coordinating our research and development efforts we can ensure that an application using NFC could be ported with the maximum reliability and minimum effort across a large number of hardware platforms.”

Christian Lürhs, CEO at Stollman, added: “We have been involved in embedded software for almost 30 years and we know that non-compatibility, despite the existence of standards, has seriously limited the domains of application and the quality of the user experience in technologies such as Bluetooth. Our cross platform NFC stack removes this blocking point and allows device manufacturers to concentrate on their core business.”

Writing applications using the Celsius framework will give automatic benefits to phones using Stollman’s stacks. Developers using the Celsius framework benefit from time saving on creating their applications and ease of use when porting Stollman’s stacks across mobile devices.

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