Mobile Mail Monitoring makes IT managers see Red

The increase in BlackBerry and other wireless email devices is putting IT managers under increasing more pressure to react to email downtime outside normal office hours. This is according to market intelligence from Iron Mountain Digital, which has coined the “Triple M” syndrome. Mobile Mail Monitoring (the Triple M), is leading email problems to be noticed primarily by senior staff using mobile devices to access their inbox. In particular, Mobile Mail Monitoring takes effect at weekends or in the evening, when management staff continue to look at their emails while the rest of the workforce is not working.

The increased visibility of these issues is pushing the issue of email availability up the agenda for IT managers. Employees are demanding constant access to email as a critical business tool, leaving IT teams with a major responsibility to provide a continuous service, at all times of the day.

“The cost of email downtime to a business is nothing new, however, the growth of mobile devices means that staff have access 24/7 to their inbox,” said Nick Cater, head of northern Europe, Iron Mountain Digital. “If a problem occurs, no matter what time of day, IT teams have to ensure that email systems remain continuous so that normal practice can be restored.”

“The Triple-M syndrome means that sometimes it’s the CEO who could first notice an email outage. IT managers need to have a robust continuity plan in place to quickly calm any out of hours rage from senior staff that can’t send or receive critical information to their clients.”

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