Mobile Recording Compliance

Datapulse has announced a compliant call recording system that allows companies to meet with next year’s anticipated FSA regulations on mobile call recording.

In March 2008, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) introduced new rules stipulating the recording of all voice calls for finance sector companies to deter and detect market abuse. However, with rising mobile phone usage the FSA will soon be reviewing the current exemption of calls made on mobile phones.

Datapulse Mobile Recording (DMR) offers automatic recording of all calls through seamless integration with a mobile device’s native software that has no negative impact on the handset’s performance or connection speed.

Call recordings are automatically uploaded to a secure server, while copies of the recordings are also stored locally on the mobile phone’s memory – to be reviewed by the user at any time. The DMR software can be downloaded remotely and installed without disruption to the user, and allows personal contacts to be tagged and omitted from the recording process.

As well as providing pre-emptive compliance with future FSA regulations, Datapulse Mobile Recording integrates with existing fixed line voice recording solutions to ensure companies can quickly and definitively resolve any business disputes that arise from a mobile or land-line telephone conversation – all from a single computer application .

Alick Smith, of Datapulse, said: “Mobile call recording is on the FSA’s agenda, and with new regulations likely to be introduced in late 2009, it is vitally important that companies are prepared.”

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