mobileSQUARED says Asia to lead mobile internet growth

Over 1.4 billion mobile users will frequently connect to the mobile internet by 2015, up from 423.65 million by the end of 2010, according to research from mobile research agency, mobileSQUARED.

By the end of 2015, the number of mobile internet users will have increased by 233%, making mobile the primary internet access channel for brands and businesses to communicate with customers.

Mobile powerhouses China and India will contribute over one billion mobile internet users by 2015, while Japan, the world’s most advanced mobile internet nation, will have a little over 100 million users.

“Almost one quarter of the global population will be using their mobile devices to access the internet, and those users will be in Asia,” said mobileSQUARED chief analyst Nick Lane and author of the report, The complete guide to mobile in Asia, 2010-2015. “China alone will contribute 58% of all mobile internet users across Asia by 2015, with over 800 million users, while India will have a little over 260 million.

“These figures are astronomical compared to other markets around the world. Based on existing US mobile Internet growth, there will be 115 million mobile users in the US by 2015. In the UK we forecast 38 million mobile Internet users by 2015,” added Lane. “When placed in context with the mobile growth both India and China are experiencing, the mobile internet growth of these mobile powerhouses is in alignment with other developing nations.”

Strong mobile internet growth is also occurring across the rest of Asia, driven by the uptake of 3G. The next tier in terms of scale will come from Indonesia, the Philippines and South Korea, contributing a combined 121.77 mobile internet users by 2015.

“With the growth of smartphones and smarter featurephones across Asia, by 2015, mobile Internet usage will tower over PC usage across the continent and that means brands and companies must ensure they have a strong presence on mobile,” said Lane. “If they do not have a mobile strategy in place, now is the time to change that.”

One major brand that is intent on expanding its presence across Asia, and identifies with the phenomenal opportunity presented by mobile Internet adoption, is Liverpool FC. Said mobile consultant at Liverpool FC, Mike Dunphy: “Liverpool FC are one of the most supported football teams in Asia and the club wishes to reach out and add value to fans lives across the world. We have done this to great success with CWS Brains, our mobile licensee in Japan, where Liverpool FC have the highest individual spend on mobile content than any other European club.”

The complete guide to mobile in Asia, 2010-2015, report will include insight, analysis and market forecasts until 2015, covering mobile subscribers, 3G uptake, mobile Internet usage, mobile content and services revenues, apps, mobile advertising and marketing. The report will also include extensive mobile consumer research from five markets.

The complete guide to mobile in Asia, 2010-2015, report will be launched at the mobileSQUARED Roadshow: Asia at the Singapore Art Museum, 5-6 May. All delegates will receive a version of the report as part of the delegate pass.

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