MobiWire launches Android UI

MobiWire, formerly known as Sagem Wireless, has launched Surface UXTM, a surface user interface (UI) for Android smartphones that simplifies usage and encourages exploration and conversion.

Surface UX builds on the full potential of the open Android platform to create a rich and intuitive user experience that combines personalisation with a branded and connected experience.

MobiWire integrates UI software connected to cloud-based content with its device design to take global brands mobile.

Surface UX enhances the standard Android UI to create a consumer-ready and engaging user experience, by aggregating content and presenting it in a contextualised and easily navigable and surfaced UI.

MobiWire has made both general usability improvements to the basic Android UI and developed a series of patented Surface Apps which act as ‘super widgets’, aggregating relevant content into a series of UI panes that can be defined and branded by the service provider.

By providing a direct connection into a backend infrastructure, MobiWire’s Surface UX helps drive users’ discovery, consumption and engagement with a brand’s digital assets, leading to service and mobile commerce conversion.

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