More Engineers See the Light with Nimans

Nimans says more and more dealers are ‘seeing the light’ as the distributor announces its first 2010 engineering training workshops on fibre optics installation.

Initial day-long courses took place last year and attracted attendees from as far as Sussex. Such was the positive reaction, Nimans has set-up a new course on April 13th at its Manchester headquarters.

Nimans’ Installation Products Specialist, Geoff Wilde, says fibre optics already play a major role in global communications – even though installation can be a tricky process.

The courses are run in partnership with leading manufacturer Austin Taylor and focus on all aspects of fibre optic installation. “The objective is to introduce any engineer into the world of fibre, covering the basics of fibre cable through to termination and testing,” said Geoff. Types of fibre, installation practices, splicing and connector types and panels are some of the areas to come under the spotlight.

Wilde concluded: “Fibre optics represents the future of communication, as data travels at the speed of light. There are many benefits over traditional methods; as distance is no object, there are higher bandwidths than copper, and fibre optic cables can be spliced together. The first training courses were very well received and due to the excellent response we are taking things further forward by staging new events this year.”

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