Move into a New League to Achieve Business Goals say Nimans

Moving up to a higher sales league is proving an easier goal for resellers to achieve. No longer are systems aimed at clearly defined areas of the market, as modern scalable platforms create a more level cross-sector playing field – removing traditional technology barriers.

According to distributor Nimans there’s now much more fluidity and flexibility between different market sectors – from the sub 40 extension to over 100 users for example – making it more realistic and viable for resellers to target bigger chunks of business.

Nimans’ Samsung Business Manager, Jonathan Beatson, says investment and training issues have been minimised for resellers looking to cast their net and attract bigger fish.

“It used to be a bigger jump from the lower end to the mid market but that’s not the case any more. I think the key is to have a product portfolio based on flexibility. Certainly that’s the case with Samsung where all systems have the same features and benefits – you just tailor the applications as required. This allows a reseller to seamlessly move up through the ranks without any boundaries to overcome.

“It’s a much simpler and more compelling way to operate. If they can install and set-up a system for six users they can do exactly the same for up to 480 users. New products are application driven which keeps costs down, making it a much easier sell. Depending on the type of install, resellers merely need to add additional chassis to move up a gear.”

However Jonathan says there are some fundamental points to consider for resellers looking to expand their operations. “I think larger sales will require better organisation on the install. Resellers are probably going to have to have the system configured and ready to install so there’s minimum client inconvenience.

“In a smaller business they may be able to get by with a couple of analogue lines to keep going but for big organisations this would not be sufficient. It’s about doing your homework, finding out the exact customer requirements and getting the system preconfigured and ready to install with minimum downtime.”

Jonathan says resellers shouldn’t set their expectations too high in the 100 plus extension market – focusing on quality rather than quantity. “Clearly resellers should remain realistic about what they can achieve. Very often one large lucrative sale can prove more valuable than lots of little ones but inevitably they are a lot harder to secure. However with on-going support from a distributor such as Nimans, and no real system performance limits, stepping-up into a higher sales league is a lot more feasible to achieve than ever before.”

His positive views are shared by colleague Lynnette Smith, NEC Business Manager at Nimans. But she says resellers may need to change their mindset to maximise sales opportunities.

“It’s about a solution sale, solving customer issues through applications whatever level of business resellers are at,” she highlighted. “It’s getting their mind shifted from merely just installing a PBX – looking at the issues customers face and being able to apply the applications and products to address their needs.

“For me it’s not necessarily a harder sale but more a shift in the way that people sell. Instead of replacing a like-for-like telephone system, successful resellers identify what applications can raise business productivity and performance – so that everyone within a company works smarter.”

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