MPs Call for More Honesty from Internet Service Providers

Launched one week ago Computeractive’s Crystal Clear Broadband campaign is gaining significant momentum. The campaign is lobbying Government to instruct Ofcom to force ISPs to advertise a typical rate for broadband subscriptions, not just a theoretical “maximum” rate. After its first week Crystal Clear Broadband has received over 3,500 signatures on its online petition, attracted the attention of MPs and has gained an influential partner, the Plain English Campaign.

There is growing support for the Crystal Clear Broadband campaign within the House of Commons. Derek Wyatt, chairman of the All Party Internet Group, said: “I hope your campaign comes to the attention of Ofcom and that it conducts a review.”

Support has also come from Conservative MP Sir George Young: “There’s insufficient consumer understanding of what’s realistic to expect in terms of day-to-day performance, as opposed to the maximum speed of a broadband line; and that suppliers have a key role to play in setting realistic expectations rather than hyping the maximum as if it were the norm. And yes, I do believe Ofcom has a role to play.”

Plain English Campaign spokesperson Ben Beer said “We urge our supporters to sign the petition on the Downing Street website. Many people find modern technology complicated enough without having to plough through small print and jargon. Broadband companies have a responsibility to be honest with their customers and not rip them off.”

The Crystal Clear partners are urging the public to sign the campaign’s petition which is available online at:

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