Multi million pound O2 SIM deal secures partnership

Telematics company, Masternaut Three X, has signed a multi-million pound deal for O2 SIM cards with Wireless Logic, specialists in SIM based communications.

The deal covers 110,000 SIM cards used as a component within Masternaut Three X mobile communication units and PDAs. One of the largest SIM contracts ever signed in the UK telematics sector, the deal strengthens the partnership between the UK vehicle tracking company and airtime aggregator.

An existing 60,000 Masternaut SIMs, which enable wireless communication using the mobile phone network, are being resigned to Wireless Logic. The contract also involves a commitment for a minimum of 50,000 SIMs over three years to support the expansion of Masternaut Three X and a new voice and data tracking innovation offering in-built satellite navigation.

“This deal is evidence that the UK telematics market remains buoyant and in particular illustrates the strength of Masternaut Three X with not only unsurpassed levels of contract renewals but also continued growth with 50,000 new installations planned over the three years in the UK alone,” said Oliver Tucker, managing director, Wireless Logic.

Whihle Martin Port, managing director of Masternaut Three X, commented: “Wireless Logic has proven to be the ideal business partner and shares our vision of a wireless working future. With the development of integrated satellite navigation, voice and data communications, we will be working together on innovations that will further push the boundaries of technology and help UK commercial fleet and mobile service operators revolutionise their businesses.”

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