MWC: Doro Re-imagines Mobile Interface

Doro has revealed details of its new LTE smartphone this week at Mobile World Congress. The new Doro 8030 comes with a unique user interface which cleverly uses verbs to drive the user’s required actions, rather than icons, as in all other smartphone brands. Doro claims this makes the phone think like the user.

Doro provides a logical step-by-step guide to delivering every task. The device and its interface are designed to build confidence for the user and completely revolutionise the way they use their phone. Rather than relying on the user to search for a specific application icon it uses actions – for example ‘Call’, ‘View’ or ‘Send’ and then prompting with ‘Who’ or ‘What’. This enables the user to manage the device with greater ease and flexibility, based on their desired outcomes – making a new generation of users smarter, connected and always in-touch without the need for previous smartphone knowledge.

This device comes with all of Doro’s core DNA including crisp loud sound, HAC and soft touch coating for a better grip. Doro’s cloud enabled app My Doro Manager is pre-installed, allowing trusted family members and friends to offer the user help and support remotely, without physically being present.

Research from Doro shows that demand for smartphones in people aged 65+ continues to rise steadily at around 11% year-on-year. Smartphone ownership amongst seniors is now nearing 40% and this figure will continue to rise through 2016 – as 60% of those aged 65+ intend to purchase a smartphone at their next upgrade.

The Doro 8030 is the second LTE device to join the Doro handset family and will launch exclusively with O2 in the UK. The phone will be available through O2 stores nationwide and also online. The Doro 8030 comes in a stylish black finish with a steel trim and will be priced at £99 on Pay As You Go.

“We’re delighted to be Doro’s launch partner for the 8030 and think it’s a perfect phone for first time smartphone users,” said Ben Bevins, Head of Portfolio and Launch at O2 in the UK. “We’ve seen fantastic results from Doro’s previous phones and, thanks to their unparalleled insight into their target market, think the 8030 will continue to build Doro’s audience in the UK.”

Chris Millington, Managing Director at Doro UK and Ireland commented on the news: “This new device is a breakthrough – it is a combination of our award-winning design principles and innovative interface. I firmly believe the Doro 8030 will be a true revolution in the smartphone space as this is our most ‘human’ and forward-thinking device to date. No longer is the smartphone just about apps, it’s about actions – we have eliminated the confusion when searching for a particular app, or working out how to do something. This device doesn’t require the user to have any technical knowledge or know-how – it will help to grow the user’s confidence in their adoption of smartphone technology.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine