MWC: Mu Wins Top Tech of Mobile World Congress!

Fresh from its success at CES 2016, the international Mu System has won another award, this time at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.

The Mu System has been awarded a “Top Tech of Mobile World Congress 2016” award from global leading consumer technology publisher Digital Trends.

The Mu has previously won awards including the Design of the Year Award from the London Design Museum, the James Dyson award and the International Design Excellence award.

Matthew Judkins the co-founder and CEO of Made in Mind commented, “We have always aspired to make the Mu System the pinnacle of design excellence for a global mobile device charger so winning this award is a fantastic endorsement of the team’s efforts. There are over 2,200 exhibitors at Mobile World Congress 2016 and the fact we have been picked is extremely rewarding. Thank you Digital Trends; we will be heading home inspired to keep the Mu System the smallest, lightest and most flexible charger on the marketplace!”

Designed by Made in Mind, the new Mu System with its 14mm svelte profile is the world’s thinnest international USB charger. The system consists of two parts: firstly there is a powerful 2.4Amp USB charger component with auto-detect functionality; secondly (and this is the really clever bit) the Mu System has a series of swappable plug attachments that plug into the charger component that are suitable for a range of socket types worldwide.
The plug heads available include a folding UK head (The Brit), a bi-directional European style head (The European), a US style plug head with fold away pins (The American) and a slim-line Australian style head (The Aussie.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine