Myspace secret show success with Txtlocal

According to leading mobile marketing company Txtlocal, Myspace is using SMS marketing to reach users quickly and easily and to help grow member acquisition rates. The Txtlocal SMS system allows members to subscribe on the Myspace website, before receiving free text messages to gain entry to its ‘Secret Show’ events with insider information and instructions on how to gain entry.

Since launching the service people have subscribed in their thousands and ‘Secret Show’s have regularly exceeded capacity with long queues of fans attending.

Amy Bliss, creative producer at Myspace said: “The Txtlocal system provides a useful messaging platform which is effective and easy to use.”

In the UK 265 million messages are sent each day and according to the mobile marketing association (2010), there was a 23% rise in message sends during 2009. A report by ABI research (2009) predicts that SMS will deliver 83% of all mobile messaging revenues until 2013.

Txtlocal managing director, Darren Daws, supported this view: “SMS is an excellent compliment to other marketing channels. We are seeing many organisations adding data capture boxes to their websites as demonstrated by the MyspaceTM example. People can simply opt-in to receive text alerts from organisations of their choice using our services. The beauty of our online SMS service is that there are no real barriers to entry, anyone can literally be up and running within minutes.”

Txtlocal has seen similar successes with clients using their array of online and mobile services including Google, Shell and Manchester United Football Club.

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