NEC Infrontia Clarify Channel Strategy

Following recent developments within NEC and the company’s acquisition of a majority stake holding in Philips Telecoms business Doug Laws, managing director of NEC Infrontia told Comms Business Magazine,

“NEC Enterprise Solutions Group and NEC Infrontia signed a Strategic Marketing Agreement with Philips nearly two years ago. Since then Philips have worked aggressively to introduce NEC products under the Sopho brand name. Initially only corporate PBX products were sold by Philips but now includes SME products. This is showing good results with strong penetration into markets where traditionally NEC Infrontia has had little awareness. The closer ties to NEC can only strengthen the relationship.

The Philips/NEC Joint Venture is focussed on increasing the NEC Enterprise Solutions products share of the European market. These products are aimed at the Corporate sector rather than the SME sector where NEC Infrontia products are targeted. However the increasing investment by NEC in Europe will obviously increase awareness of the NEC brand and so assist all NEC businesses grow their European share. NEC Infrontia will continue to supply its SME products to this new venture, in parallel with the existing NEC branded channel.”

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