NEC’s PASOLINK wins top global market share, again

NEC Corporation has announced that its compact microwave communications system, PASOLINK, secured the industry’s top global market share for 2008, maintaining the system’s top global ranking for the second consecutive year according to Sky Light Research which said the company has a 27.5% annual share.

Starting from the early 1980s, NEC’s continued research, development, production and sale of the PASOLINK system have made it a reliable foundation for the essential backhaul lines required by mobile phone and fixed line data services. Most notably, in conjunction with the rapid growth of global mobile phone markets, demand for wireless access devices that connect mobile phone base stations has also increased. Accordingly, the PASOLINK system has surpassed more than 1 million total shipments, including nearly all of the world’s top telecommunications carriers.

Additionally, the use of PASOLINK has enabled communication lines to be installed in less time and at a lower cost than traditional fixed lines and cables, which has contributed to the remarkable increase in mobile phone subscribers throughout Asia, the Middle East, South America, Eastern Europe and Africa. Most recently, the launch of full scale WiMAX services has also increased demand for PASOLINK, which is used for the mobile backhaul of WiMAX networks.

Currently, the PASOLINK NEO series has become the driving force behind the expansion of a wide variety of product applications’ ability to handle different operating conditions, such as increasing data capacities and interfaces, without installing new hardware.

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