NetDev launches first zero CAPEX audio conferencing solution

NetDev launches first zero CAPEX audio conferencing solution for fixed, mobile and next generation VoIP service providers
NetDev announces Drum audio conferencing.

NetDev Limited, a global telecoms software company based in the UK, announced the launch of Drum audio conferencing, a wholesale conferencing solution for communication service providers. Drum is a 100% software solution, with an integrated media server, running entirely on commodity hardware. Delivered as a software package, Drum conferencing can be downloaded in minutes and simply integrated with existing OSS/BSS via web services APIs. Drum is unique because it is a zero CAPEX solution hosted by service providers on their own servers.

CEO and NetDev founder, John Logsdon states “Drum audio conferencing is a completely self-contained solution. We’ve removed the reliance on third party hardware, software and licenses which make most on-premise conferencing solutions cost prohibitive. Essentially Drum audio conferencing enables any service provider, with voice connectivity, to deliver their own branded conferencing service in an extremely economic way.”

Drum audio conferencing is an IP solution which supports multi-tenancy and can scale to support wholesale or retail channels. It is the first component to be launched from the Drum collaboration suite, with web conferencing to follow in the coming months.

John Logsdon added, “Drum audio conferencing enables service providers to extend their existing voice services capability and increase traffic with a carrier-grade audio conferencing solution. When combined with our web conferencing, Drum will deliver a fully integrated collaboration solution for a fraction of the cost of competing services.”

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