NetEvidence to Deliver Network Transparency to all Voiceflex Customers

NetEvidence has partnered with Voiceflex, one of the largest SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) networks in the UK. Voiceflex will use NetEvidence’s Highlight network monitoring service to provide transparency across all its SIP products and to ensure it delivers the highest quality of voice calls over the internet.

NetEvidence monitors over 6,000 DSL connections for its customers and finds this technology is not always suitable for voice traffic. “Companies that opt to use SIP over un-monitored DSL lines risk destabilising their vital fixed phone communications. Voiceflex appears to be unique in the market in its desire to offer full transparency to its customers,” says Richard Thomas, Managing Director of NetEvidence

Voiceflex is the de facto standard for SIP trunking in the UK. Customers are adopting the technology as they strive to reduce costs and capitalise on the flexibility that comes from using the internet for voice calls.

As Richard Garner, Sales Director of Data and IP Services for Voiceflex explains, “Our customers want to use new technologies but they expect to have the same consistent and stable telephony services. The transparency offered by Highlight means we can be confident that we are delivering the best possible call quality over the internet. Highlight’s reports will also be available across all our ISP and WAN services ensuring upgrades and quality of service can be anticipated and justified within an organisation.”

The easy to understand, business-level reports delivered through Highlight are ideal for Voiceflex users who do not want or do not understand complex network reporting tools. It provides a full view of the end to end performance and characteristics of the Voiceflex SIP services and the full data portfolio. If lines are faulty, overloaded or showing poor performance, Highlight reports this immediately with full supporting information.

In this highly cost sensitive market, the fact that Highlight is a Software as a Service (Saas) tool was critical in its selection for Voiceflex. “We needed a system that was infinitely scalable and was ‘out of the box’. Highlight allows us to deliver a comprehensive network monitoring service with minimal up front investment as well as being able to expand as our needs grow,” adds Garner.

A poll of SIP vendors, conducted by NetEvidence at London’s Convergence World Event in March ‘09, revealed that the majority of vendors did not offer reporting or network visibility across their SIP products. “This means that these vendors are selling blind as to connection quality, and customers risk disruption to critical communications links,” concludes Richard Thomas.

Highlight is available as an integral part of all premium Voiceflex services and as an additional option on the Voiceflex entry level services.

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