New Drivers for Call Management say CTI Group

Call Management vendor CTI Group has told Comms Business Magazine that with a dramatic decrease in call charges the traditional key business requirement for call management software as a cost management tool is no longer driving CMS sales. The call management market however remains buoyant, why is this?

Mark Armstrong, CTI Group Sales Manager, comments “‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ is more relevant now than ever. CMS has evolved into an essential management reporting tool with a shift in focus to increasing employee productivity and improving network efficiency. This can be demonstrated when considering an IP Telephony network where Quality of Service is critical if high standards in communications are to be consistently delivered.”

CTI Group say they were the first company to produce a self-learning system to manage VoIP environments and continued to lead the market in 2006 by integrating Proteus Call Management with SmartRecord call recording. Integrating the management of Mobile, E-mail and Internet usage into a singe platform, CTI offer a pioneering and unique solution in today’s converged environment.

“We are the channels choice because we deliver ‘communications management solutions’ and not ‘Call Management Software’ ” further commented Armstrong.

Committed to innovation for its customers, 2007 has already seen the launch of the new generation of Proteus and its associated carrier class product emPulse and SmartRecord IP. Hosted telephony solutions are becoming an increasingly attractive proposition to businesses of all sizes as they require very low capital investment and have a reduced cost of ownership compared with traditional PBXs.

Armstrong concludes, “As managing telephony resources becomes more important than managing call-costs, call loggers without multi-service integration will lose customers and eventually be consigned to telecoms history. Call Management for the future is more about ensuring quality and managing the use of resources to optimise communications systems than merely checking on call costs.”

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