New Global Million Pound IT Platform Helps Transform Business

Bury-based Global Telecoms and Technology has invested over one million pounds in the development and launch of its own IT platform the DMIcP (Digital Modular Internet Communications Platform).

This comes in conjunction with the eight million pounds spent on the companies’ new headquarters which Global’s founder and Managing Director, Mark Bedward, has invested in due to the anticipated success of DMIcP.

Mark Bedward devised DMIcP by uniting established IT and telephony systems with computer peripherals and some clever software to create a product that will change the way that organisations do business.

The product is extremely powerful and takes advantage of the latest forms of efficient, high quality internet communications. It allows a business to boost its profits, image and efficiency whilst guaranteeing to half the current costs of almost any organisation’s telephone calls, line rental, ongoing maintenance, broadband and other related costs and significantly reducing the ongoing financial outlay of a business’s mobile, computer and security needs.

While most resellers concentrate on the 10-100 extension range, DMIcP will cost about £200 a month for a 10 user system. That investment can pay back about £100 in associated savings – and then the big returns start. Mark Bedward explains:

“This is more than just a IT and telephony system. Suppose you own a motor franchise – you can sit at home and monitor sales activity on the lot. We have an architect’s practice working on a sea wall in Cornwall. Formerly someone would visit the site, take photographs then drive back to Yorkshire to present to the senior partner. Now, with our mobile module, on site pictures are beamed straight into the boardroom in real time and discussion is instant.”

Bedward is so confident in DMICP he has provided a further investment in a new HQ, to help give Global the cutting edge with their own technology too:

“DMIcP is a state of the art unique integrated technology product and I have invested in our new premises as an act of faith in the success of DMIcP. 2008 is going to be an exciting year for Global and DMIcP will continue to be central to our continued success.”

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