New Hosted Applications from TeleWare

Communications provider TeleWare has introduced a number of new applications and capabilities on its hosted services platform.

The new capabilities have been enabled on both the Thirsk hosted platform – delivering telephony applications to businesses over their existing IP or digital PBXs or over FeatureNet – and over the IP Centrex based hosted platforms in Docklands and Heathrow.

“We are delighted that the switchover has been completed so smoothly,” said Steve Haworth, Group Strategy Director for TeleWare. “In a market that has been severely challenged to deliver on the promise of hosted services, the TeleWare approach has proven itself in this smooth changeover,” added Haworth.

Introducing new applications to a hosted service platform has been one of the issues faced by hosted services providers and one of the reasons that hosted applications, today, have been relatively basic in the applications they can offer. The main issue is that, on a multiple box based hosted platform, adding new applications means you also have to add new resources and integration between the platform’s separate resources becomes a problem.

The TeleWare platform is a true multi tenancy solution, where applications are hosted on a single scalable platform with the ability to add resources shared by all tenants. When applications are added to the platform, they are automatically available to all tenancies and all users. The single architecture and applications engine approach is the principle behind the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) initiatives being discussed in the industry. “TeleWare is, we believe, unique in having already deployed in 2004 a hosted architecture that supports the principles of IMS and enables introduction of new applications with no disruption to the platform and immediate availability of new application to all hosted service users,” noted Haworth.

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