New Leadership Programme from Lily Comms

Lily Comms has launched their Leadership Development Programme delivered in association with The Winning Formula. Created by award winning business guru and author, John Stein, The Winning Formula is an inspirational and powerful performance framework designed to support and equip leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills required to create agile, successful and sustainable organisations.

The Leadership Development Programme is a collaborative learning initiative involving the Lily Comms Senior Management Team, with discussion and focus led by Managing Director, Chris Morrisey. The company has grown significantly over the past few years, both in turnover and employee numbers. The LDP has been rolled out to equip departmental leaders from Client & Network Services, Operations, Finance & Marketing with the skills necessary to drive their departments forward in a fast growth environment. The collaborative process will also form Lily Comm’s business strategy primarily for the next three years, but also taking into account the future beyond that period. The ‘Strategy For Success’ or ‘S4S’, due to be launched in April, is a blueprint set out for all employees to follow to not only help develop Lily Comms, but also aid their own personal growth.

Chris Morrisey commented, “This is a pivotal time for the business. There’s never been a more exciting time to be involved in Lily Comms. The Leadership Development Programme from The Winning Formula is a tried and tested guideline for empowering senior management and growing a successful business. I see growing a business and developing our employees as equally important. In my eyes, you can’t have one without the other. Lily Comms is an opportunity provider and we are proud of our commitment to putting significant time and resource into staff development.” Co-owner Adrian Jackson added, “When we launch the Strategy For Success next month it will be a major milestone for Lily Comms. It puts down a marker which shows that we’re absolutely focussed on growing & developing the business and our staff.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine