New mobile search engine challenges Google

Taptu, a new search engine designed specifically for mobile, is taking on Google and Yahoo! as the company claims search technology has to be made for mobile to work well on small devices.

CEO and founder of Taptu, Steve Ives, said search engines that are PC-based are not suitable for the small screen. He stated Taptu’s focus means searches can be resolved faster and provide more accurate results.

Ives explained: “You can find everything much faster on Taptu than on search engines like Google, and you see pure mobile results as well. If you search for a song, you will see links that allow you to access that song on your mobile immediately.

“A search on Taptu for the singer and music producer,, turns up a link for a song, one for a video and one Wiki answer in seconds, rather than one to two minutes for links the mobile user can’t access easily on Google,” Ives continues.

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