New MVNO launches on O2: giffgaff

giffgaff, a new mobile virtual network operator, has launched on O2. giffgaff is a SIM-only hybrid pre and post-pay offer with the flexibility and control of pre-pay, and the ease of post pay with ‘auto-top-up’ online. Free mobile internet will be available at launch for approximately six months while the product is in Beta phase. As part of its commitment to member participation, new members can access up to 100MB of free mobile internet per day from the UK, and in exchange, giffgaff hopes to gain insight from its members, including input on the pricing policy for data in the future.

Defining a new mobile network business model, giffgaff, an online only business, taps into existing online behaviour where people get involved by creating content, suggesting new ideas, and supporting each other with queries on forums or blogs. The more members get involved, the greater the reward and they will receive with payback in either cash, mobile credit, or as a donation to their preferred charity or fundraising group.

Operating as an independent company, mobile virtual network operator giffgaff will deliver its service using the O2 network. Inherent in the business model is an ethical and low carbon business which is represented by the online only, SIM only model.

giffgaff CEO Mike Fairman said: “Our price per minute structure is transparent, competitive and clear, and we look forward to feedback on our forum from our members. We’re always keen to hear what people think as involving customers in a two-way dialogue is at the forefront of what we do. Our pricing structure going forward will evolve based on members input.”

giffgaff launched with a ‘people powered’ campaign on 25 November, asking the public to help make the network famous in return for a V.I.G (Very Important Giffgaffer) SIM that means you receive free UK mobile calls, texts and mobile internet for a whole year.

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