New products for remote and mobile workers

Business technology enabler and Ethernet specialist, Exponential-e, has launched a trio of products which combine a range of mobility, security and business assurance benefits expertly tailored to the needs of remote and mobile workers.

Hosted Exchange – delivered from the Exponential-e cloud across its private network – is a business-class email messaging and collaboration service that will boost secure communicating.

It is based on Microsoft Exchange 2010, and combined with Microsoft Outlook, to offer customers mobile, remote and desktop email access with state-of-the-art productivity, security and privacy.

With a guaranteed service level and predictable monthly costs, the solution offers up to 80 per cent savings over on-premise solutions.

Meanwhile, Exponential-e’s Managed Virtualised Firewall protects corporate networks from unauthorised access and other Internet security threats, and is hosted inside its secure carrier class data centres.

The service is provided as a virtualised solution from the cloud, with customers benefiting from the major cost savings which go with not having to buy and maintain hardware at their premises.

As the Virtualised Firewall Service is fully managed and provided centrally from Exponential-e’s cloud it is really simple for customers to scale their business.

The product is perfect for all businesses needing to protect themselves from unauthorised access and other internet security threats, but who wish to free up their ICT resources and save costs.

SAFE (Secure Access From Everywhere) is Exponential-e’s hosted SSL VPN managed service enabling businesses to give their employees remote, secure access to their corporate network. SAFE is a powerful remote connectivity solution which helps organisations boost the productivity of their mobile workers. The solution is ideal for providing the necessary IT support for flexible working policies – and in helping workers disrupted by weather or travel – to work effectively.

Again, provided from Exponential-e’s cloud, a browser-enabled device and an Internet connection is all that is needed for employees to access the applications and resources they need to complete work.

SAFE eradicates the high cost and intensive support common with conventional client software-based VPNs, and because SSL VPN works at the application layer it allows granular and tighter control of access to the corporate network than has been available before.

SAFE also comes with a pricing model which is price disruptive and includes major economies of scale for larger deployments.

Simon Acott, Director of Business and Partner Development at Exponential-e, said: “Hosted Exchange is perfect for all businesses needing a sophisticated business email service without the corresponding management and cost overhead. Cloud-based email makes sense for companies of all sizes.

“The service is especially attractive to companies who want to reduce their ICT spend and who are keen to outsource routine IT tasks to the cloud.

“The Managed Virtualised Firewall will be particularly attractive to companies wanting the peace of mind which goes with a high-availability resilient firewall solution.

“And the SSL VPN managed service will improve your level of business continuity when transport disruptions, adverse weather conditions, or other such events, affect employees’ ability to come into work.”

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