New TP-Link regional Manager Pins Hopes On Wi-Fi Demand

TP-Link has appointed a new territory manager for the UK. Will Lui has worked in a number of regions around the world, and believes the UK Wi-Fi product market is strong and sophisticated, particularly because of the roll-out of 4G, which brings huge benefits for businesses and leisure activities underpinned by Wi-Fi, especially from the growing army of the country’s freelancers.

He said, “Demand for more Wi-Fi services and devices in the home or office environment is only likely to increase as more and more of us get 4K TVs to watch the latest Amazon series. The roll out of super fast internet infrastructure thanks to OpenReach puts the UK in a leading position in the world – it has the highest penetration of super fast broadband in Europe.

The UK is also a world leader in gaming, particularly because of its love of esports, which makes audience and product segmentation easy and efficient. The launch of the new PS4 Pro expected to generate significant demand inside the channel as gamers look to upgrade in order to enjoy impressive graphics and faster play.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine