New Wimax Portfolio from Zyxel

Mobile Workers To Save On Landline Costs And Benefit From High Speed Roaming

Zyxel Communications has announced that its new Wimax portfolio will be available from January 2007. The Wimax products will work with Wimax networks currently being rolled out in the UK. As Wimax networks become available users that cannot access cable services will no longer need a BT landline for broadband access. In addition, Wimax will offer a better alternative for high speed internet access on the move to 3G networks. Zyxel will be launching five products next year, including a PC card which will allow laptops to receive Wimax signals and connect to the Internet, two indoor Wimax receivers and one outdoor receiver (“gateways”) for home and business usage, and one outdoor (rugged) Wimax gateway. All products will be available in the first part of 2007.

“One of the main advantages of Wimax is that it will eliminate the need for a phone line to connect to the Internet,” said James Walker, Wimax product manager, Zyxel. “This will save mobile workers over £11 a month and drive mass take up of VoIP services. Users will also benefit from higher upload speeds on the move, enabling a true mobile workforce. Wimax will also allow provide users with an instant broadband connection as no wires will need to be connected at the exchange.”

Wimax is an alternative to DSL and cable broadband access, aimed at providing connectivity over much longer distances than “local area” technologies such as Wi-Fi. In the same way as mobile phone communications, users can connect to base stations from up to 2-3 km away, and through built-up areas. As well as challenging today’s 3G technology, Wimax will encourage consumers and businesses to use VoIP, access the Internet and stream high-quality media feeds because of its superior speeds. Mobile Wimax will offer the convenience of a mobile phone network and enable mobile Internet users to move between base stations without having to disconnect and reconnect.

There are currently two standards of Wimax, 802.16d and 802.16e. 802.16d is presently in use, but 802.16e chipsets are now becoming available and will mean users will be able to move between base stations more easily and faster, as well as benefit from improved performance in built-up areas. Zyxel will only be launching 802.16e equipment, giving maximum flexibility and efficiency to its users, as well as avoiding standards which will quickly be superseded by more advanced models. Zyxel’s products will also include VoIP ports for users to make phone calls and VPN support.

“With the launch of our new Wimax family of products, we hope to become the premier vendor of Wimax and aim to accelerate our Wimax programme in EMEA and demonstrate our dedication and commitment to this technology,” continued Walker. “Having won the Wimax World Award for Devices in the US, as well as being members of the Wimax forum, the industry body responsible for driving the development of Wimax, we are confident that we have the history and expertise to accomplish this goal, while providing our customers with a superior range of products to create business advantage and empower their mobile workforce.”

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