Next2Friends live on Windows Mobile devices

Next2Friends, the mobile social media platform, has announced the availability of its innovative Live mobile video streaming application on the Motorola Q series and the Samsung Blackjack II.

Previously designed for the Symbian S60 range of devices, Next2Friends has now completed development for the Windows Mobile 6 platform along with a number of other popular operating systems, in response to demand.

Next2Friends Live allows people to share real life moments from anywhere, be it through live broadcasted news developments, capturing major life events, or bringing happenings across the world closer to home.

The application, soft-launched in late 2007 and officially released in June 2008, is continually being enhanced by the Next2Friends development team to deliver the optimal service for all the people already sharing their lives through real-time, rich media.

Some of the new features that have recently been incorporated are one click streaming, the ability to zoom, pause or re-start live streams and automatic quality selection that guarantees the best streaming experience independent of location, carrier or connection speeds.

Motorola and Samsung’s ability to deliver consumer focused design options while retaining business level functionality has ensured high levels of market penetration. Samsung’s recent announcement that it has sold 150 million handsets in the US and Microsoft’s shipping of 4.5 million Windows Mobile devices in Q1 2008 are reported to have been supported by the success of these two stand out models.

Anthony Nystrom, CTO of Next2Friends, commented: “Anyone owning these handsets knows they are feature rich and well designed. By bringing Next2Friends to the best mobile devices on the market, we will ensure that Next2Friends is the first choice for connected consumers around the world.”

Next2Friends’ range of products and services are free to install and use, with members only paying for networked data traffic via their carrier.

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