NGD’s global expansion fuels growth

NDG Technology are delighted to report consistent growth spanning into 2019.

Alex Bentley, Director at NGD, commented, “We are under no illusion, NDG Technology is not a company the UK industry instantly recognised, so in international waters we are a mere drop in the Ocean. I believe that there is no other organisation in the UK or for that matter Globally that have product quality and passion to support that NDG have and will continue to enhance. Our core values are now delivering results in different regions where high quality is the norm. Further proof that our approach is extremely relevant in international terms and domestically we are ahead of the game”

NDG now have a client presence in 9 country’s throughout Europe and North America alongside their ever-growing presence in the Midlands.

Grant Daines, Channel Director at NGD, added “Organic growth is the key; our strategy has always been built around delivering a best of bread service be it direct or indirect. Ethics, Quality, and our Dynamic nature are the corner stones that give us the solid foundation allowing us to reach further afield. If you want to grow you have to understand what the industry wants and deliver accordingly. Domestically we still have an open goal, no one offers what we offer. Our challenge is breaking down preconceptions surrounding the established channel leaders that are perceived to be antiquity, International we are now able to compete in a market where high-quality delivery is the minimum standard.”

NDG’s performance report will be announced on the 3rd of May at the Hamburg19 AGM.

Bentley continued, “I am not giving anything away, but I can’t hide the smile on my face. In 2018 we had 8 staff based out of 1 office, today we operate from 4 locations maned by 22 staff. If asked me 2 years ago if we would have such a presence international, although something I had always planned on in the future, I would have said probably not. One thing is for sure is that we need to revisit our scalability, we are way beyond our predicted growth for 2019 and need add new talented, passionate individuals to the NDG family so we can continue to offer the very best of service. This is our Championship are we are toe to toe with the best in channel”.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine