NHS Foundation Trust Selects Good

South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust will improve the quality of its mobile health services with the help of Good Technology. The Trust is implementing the Good Collaboration Suite to securely mobilise vital content and applications, eventually enabling 1,000 community care staff to deliver more effective integrated care and services to patients at their homes or at hospital.

The healthcare industry has gone through a rapid technology evolution over the past decade in an effort to reduce the level of paperwork, while at the same time increasing compliance with strict privacy regulations. Electronic medical records and mobile devices allow healthcare practitioners to increase collaboration, improving patient care with nearly instantaneous access to patient medical histories and other medical professionals in a collaborative manner.

As a result, the South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust has been engaged in an ongoing effort to make its services more mobile, delivering integrated care by enabling real-time communication and collaboration between doctors and nurses in the patient care process. By introducing a secure mobility solution that enables personal and corporate-owned devices to utilise clinical applications, the Trust can enable its practitioners to increase their productivity and collaboration while maintaining end-to-end data security. The Trust selected the Good Collaboration Suite primarily for Good for Enterprise, Good Share, Good Access and Good Connect as well as the ability to deploy Good-secured ISV apps.

“Good Technology is making our Mobile First vision a reality to deliver better care for patients in the best place at the right time by bringing all of our services together into a secure collaborative mobile ecosystem,” said Martin Alexander, director of information services for the South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust. “With the Good Collaboration Suite as the central collaboration solution sitting alongside our clinical apps, we can achieve our vision of eliminating paper from the community service delivery process while increasing the quality of patient care.”

With Good’s solution as part of the Trust’s mobile ecosystem, community service clinicians will be able to communicate in a far more effective and modern way, decreasing the need to carry and fill out masses of paper forms, policies and procedures. This will allow nurses to spend more time focusing on quality patient care. Mobilisation also enables the Trust to move care from an acute setting into the homes of patients. This makes patients more comfortable and reduces the burden on primary care sites such as hospital wards.

Good Collaboration Suite also enables district nurses to download and share documents by securely accessing the Trust’s secure data repositories. Using the Good Share app on their mobile devices, care providers will be able to browse, search, bookmark, download, synchronise and upload files. Using Good Access, care providers will be able to securely browse the Internet to access the Trust’s intranet sites and use web applications, providing access to real time patient care records and drug histories, while giving IT a high level of control.

“In regulated industries like healthcare, secure access to the Internet is vital to ensure compliance with a broad range of patient confidentiality requirements and other privacy concerns,” said Florian Bienvenu, vice president of EMEA sales at Good Technology. “Good allows these organisations to enable workers with secure mobility using their own preferred devices, enabling them to access information on the go, without IT having to compromise control over sensitive data.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine