Nimans Adds Fuel to Conferencing Sales

The continued high price of petrol is helping fuel sales of audio conference units for distributor Nimans. The company’s Conferencing Sales Manager Chris Smith says dealers should be making the most of the current sky high forecourt prices to convince more customers of the cost savings and environmentally benefits of conferencing.

“There appears to be no short term answers to the problem of high pump prices with expectations that costs will only go higher. Whilst this is bad news for motorists it gives dealers another reason to stress the benefits of audio conferencing to their customers as business meetings can take place without the need to travel.

“Sales of conferencing units here were on the increase before the price of oil went through the roof and demand is increasing on a steady basis. There are already reports of less cars on the roads due to high petrol prices and conferencing provides the ideal opportunity for more journeys to be avoided. This is a strong message that dealers should be pushing to their customers as the price of one conference unit will be recouped much quicker as the cost of fuel rises further. For the price of a couple of tanks of fuel you can buy a basic conferencing unit, and it doesn’t take many more fill-ups to get to the top of the range!”

Dealers have even more reason to push their conferencing sales as Nimans is currently running a competition with Polycom to win a luxury all expenses paid long weekend in the Mediterranean sunshine. The trip, part of Nimans’ renowned Select rewards programme, takes place in September and dealers have until mid August to generate sales to qualify.

Smith added: “The latest conferencing units available here at Nimans from Polycom Konftel and ClearOne, combine stylish design with exceptional call clarity and user friendliness. Dealers should be using the high price of fuel to drive their conferencing sales further forward.”

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