Nimans Announces Siemens Application Workshop Programme

Nimans is running a series of regular workshops for Siemens resellers focusing on key elements of OpenScape Office for the HiPath 3000 version 8, which transforms a traditional PBX into an industry leading SMB unified communications platform.

Courses will run over the next six months to highlight specific applications of the powerful feature-packed complete application suite for CTI, presence and contact centre operations. The first events take place on 17th November in Milton Keynes and two days later in Manchester looking at contact centre applications.

“We want to highlight individual features of the latest technology so resellers have an in-depth understanding and can tailor specific features to their customers’ requirements,” said Yvonne Tierney-Neave, Siemens Business Manager at Nimans.

“Version 8 represents tremendous progression for the 3000, propelling it from a trusted PBX into a complete communication solution,” Yvonne highlighted. “It represents a new chapter in the continuing HiPath 3000 success story and we have witnessed strong early demand.”

Fax to desktop, presence, and a 64 agent contact centre application, are just some of the many benefits, along with the capability to manage all communications from Microsoft Outlook. Yvonne added: “This is an exciting opportunity for existing and new HiPath 3000 customers. As Siemens’ Distributor of the Year, Nimans has the stock capabilities and service excellence, including next day delivery, to build on the early sales success.”

Yvonne concluded: “This is very effective and powerful technology which will have a big impact on business performance. It allows resellers to sell applications rather than just technology – so they can demonstrate how their customers can be more productive. By blending the best communication technologies Version 8 gives resellers the opportunities to sell the right things to the right people as the HiPath 3000 benefits from the flexibility of traditional digital or IP capabilities. The new workshops provide a clear and concise way forward, helping resellers identify and capitalise on new business opportunities.”

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