Nimans Introduce EtherStream V

Nimans is inviting resellers to take a high speed route to network connectivity success thanks to a new high performance and flexible data connectivity solution.

EtherStream V provides cost effective high capacity connectivity – a bridge between Fibre To The Cabinet and more expensive pure Fibre options – which satisfies today’s ‘need for speed’ data transmissions.

“EtherStream V is a bonded FTTC product, bonding either 2 or 4 FTTC circuits,” explained Head of Networks, Mark Curtis-Wood. “It provides high levels of performance even with increased Cloud, VoIP and video traffic. Service speed is guaranteed to remain above half the maximum available on a site, (equivalent to less than a 2:1 contention ratio). Maximum speeds of up to 320Mbps downstream and 80Mbps upstream are available, depending on location.”

Cutis-Wood says if businesses require robust, high-capacity connectivity without the expense of fibre, EtherStream V is ideal.

“It provides high performance and resilience at an affordable cost as many organisations are fighting to get more out of smaller budgets. At the same time, taking advantage of internet apps and Cloud- based services is key to staying competitive, but these technologies need robust, high-speed connections. With EtherStream V they get the bandwidth and reliability they need without the cost of fibre lines,” he explained.

“EtherStream V uses either two or four FTTC connections bonded together so they offer the performance of a single line. For the first time in this country, this technology provides downstream speeds of more than 100Mbps without the need for dedicated fibre. The service is available to about half of all UK businesses, a number that’s set to increase as the country-wide roll-out continues.”

Curtis-Wood says resellers and their customers can take advantage of less expense, robust connectivity and reliable performance.

“There’s no need to pay the high prices or excess construction charges of fibre connections. Costs are also fixed so bills are predictable. The service is highly reliable since it is provided over multiple connections, and can compensate if any of the connections go down. Alternative back-up options are also available for even greater resilience,” he concluded.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine