Nimans Launches Dedicated Leasing Service

As part of their reseller support proposition, Nimans has launched a dedicated leasing service so dealers can help customers overcome the credit crunch and any lack of cash-flow. A specialist team has been put in place which can make decisions in less than four hours.

Network Services/Leasing Director, Lee Williams, says leasing is one of the most effective solutions for dealers in a slowing business world where capital reserves and the availability of credit have dried up.

“Leasing can help a dealer remove the biggest obstacles to a sale – a customer not having available cash to buy equipment outright or having the credit in place.”

He continued: “We have a team of experts who will make life as easy as possible for dealers – carrying out credit checks, completing all the paper work and providing highly competitive rates. We can even provide on-site training about how to position and sell leasing services.”

Williams pointed out that standard leasing terms are normally three or five years, with a minimum agreement over £1,000. The brokerage service covers everything from telephone systems, fleet vehicles, demo suites and general office equipment through to full office refits.

Williams concluded: “Leasing helps a dealer win more business, provides a simplified single price structure and offers upgrade opportunities further down the line. It is no surprise that as the economic world continues to struggle, this quick and easy service will prove increasingly popular as leasing provides a viable solution for dealers – to help their customers continue to invest and grow even in the most challenging times.”

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