Nimans’ Masterclass Earns Top Marks

Nimans’ says its first-ever leasing masterclass has earnt top marks from resellers eager to capture more business by cashing-in on new sales opportunities.

Dealers from across the south of England converged at a business venue in Milton Keynes for the inaugural learning workshop which is part of a nationwide programme – highlighting the secrets of a new way of selling.

With the continued economic woes, leasing has emerged as a highly effective alternative to cash investments and more prudent levels of credit – providing resellers with a competitive market advantage to substantially increase closure rates. Based on a theme of ‘solution selling made simple’ resellers learned about the various key skills required to succeed in a financial environment with senior level decision-makers.

Nimans’ Financial Services Manager, Gail Fitton, confirmed: “The fundamental aim of these workshops is to increase closure rates and provide resellers with a winning edge over their competition. The last thing a dealer wants is to invest a lot of time and effort in convincing a customer to upgrade their telecoms equipment, only for the deal to turn sour due to financial reasons. At Nimans we have a proven fast-track route to success.”

Feedback from resellers was extremely positive – providing the course with a five star rating and a 100% recommendation to colleagues. One Surrey-based reseller commented afterwards: “The course opened my eyes to a different way of selling, not just price focus. It made me think a lot more about how we do things. We got lots of ideas to talk to customers and use different techniques. I now see the power of breaking down prices which will ultimately help us increase closure rates. It was a very worthwhile learning exercise.”

The next courses are planned for Spring, according to Gail who concluded: “We want resellers to learn how to sell on cost justification not just overall price. It’s important to break it down into more manageable and affordable chunks rather than a big upfront figure that scares people away. Attendees also learned how to communicate powerful messages to customers who can then go and convince their FD or buyer about the value of a deal – as very often resellers don’t get the chance to talk directly to these key decision makers.”

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