Nimans Opens Up New Channel Markets

Nimans is to open up a major upgrade market through the exclusive launch of Ericsson’s pioneering Ethernet DSL Access (EDA) broadband access network.

Targeted primarily at the education and hospitality sectors but offering wider opportunities elsewhere, EDA Hotel & Campus product is the first purpose built product to enable users to exploit existing copper networks for IP services. Nimans claims this means it costs just a tenth of other upgrade solutions with broadband connections now being offered to dealers for around £100 per hotel room.

The EDA uses Public Ethernet technology and incorporates Ericsson’s technology to enable data, video and VoIP as part of its triple play functionality. Providing fast LAN to LAN (VPN) solutions. It also delivers uptime of 99.999 per cent, and in commercial environments can secure rapid payback through the recharging of service access to users via a ‘Nomadix’ box.

“This is a really exciting product because for the first time it gives resellers the opportunity to attack their existing cabled client base by offering a low cost IP upgrade option which offers video, voice and data functionality,” commented Paul Emson, Manager of Nimans’ Ericsson unit. “It delivers all the new ADSL variants and supports 200Mbs uplink.

Simple installation in modular builds provided in chassis-packages of 24, 96, 288 and 1152 user ports in upgrades of 12 ports per module.

“We expect substantial demand in the education and hospitality sectors but there are many other opportunities open to dealers, including public hotspots like railway stations and in areas such as hospitals and serviced business centres.”

Nimans is supporting the launch with a range of introductory offers providing discounts of up to 15 per cent on selected Ericsson EDA products. Ancillaries such as the Ericsson 4106 and 4147 (Message Waiting Hotel) analogue phones are also currently subject to 15 per cent discounts, making them just £12.10 and £21.67 respectively.

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