Nimans Preview New GN Netcom Wireless Headsets

Nimans has secured an exclusive preview of GN Netcom’s next generation of wireless headsets which are set to be officially launched on January 15th. The distributor says the new GN9300 series will for the first time give the manufacturer a wireless headset portfolio capable of serving entry level, middle and top end office market needs.

GN Netcom is to introduce three new models, the GN9330, a USB version of the same unit and the top of the range GN9350. These will complement the company’s existing entry level product, the GN6210 and the mid-market GN9120 range.

“As we are European market leader in headset sales we were delighted to have the chance of an exclusive preview from GN of these new headsets,” commented Nimans’ Marketing Manager, Paul Huxley. “It’s been a useful exercise as we can clearly see the logic of being able to satisfy every angle of headset use with cordless models. The complete GN cordless family now provides, from entry level upwards, the increasingly recognised benefits of wireless technology. Through the various enhancements offered as you travel up the range, it also maintains an aspiration motive. To look at it across the board, there’s a base model for general staff, mid-market units for middle management and top end units for senior management and the market for them all is growing rapidly.”

Huxley added that whilst dealers would find the sets largely intuitive Nimans would be backing their launch with on-site demos and the full weight of its extensive logistical, training and service support resources.

Nimans say the high end GN9350 is the world’s first wireless headset to incorporate digital signal processor (DSP) technology which ‘purifies’ incoming signals to enhance sound quality and maintain consistently safe volume levels. This is complemented by the stylish boom arm’s noise-cancelling microphone and the incorporation of wideband sound for IP application which, at 6.8kHz, is twice that of conventional telephony. “Wideband significantly enhances call quality for IP telephony, providing high definition sound for exceptional clarity,” commented Huxley.

Other benefits of the unit include dual connectivity for use with traditional and IP systems, a stylish, user-friendly, lightweight 26 gram construction offering three wearing styles (over and on the ear, and behind the neck), a 150 metre range in office environments and 300m in open space, plus around-the-clock talk time courtesy of twin nine hour batteries and an additional battery charger. In addition up to four headsets can be united via one base unit for conference calling.

Nimans conclude by saying that the GN9330 is ideal for general office applications due to its incorporation of wideband sound – on the USB model – noise cancelling technology, dual connectivity, and simple, intuitive controls. Add to that its lightweight design – again at just 26 grams – an 80m range for office applications and nine hours talk time and you have a highly user and budget friendly unit. It will be offered with two wearing styles, on-the ear and over-the-head.

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