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Nimans Talks Hosted

Resellers have been discovering more about Nimans’ hosted telephony service and how they can use flexible finance options to accelerate sales.

Dozens of dealers logged on to take part in a webinar where they learned how GS-hosted is available to purchase from just £2 per seat.

Nimans’ unique hosted telephony service was launched last year and has been a huge success with margins of up to 65% available. GS-hosted includes a three-year hosted seat license with every handset purchased and offers three ways for resellers to make money… upfront margins, recurring revenue or a mixture of both.

“We wanted to show them how flexible and financially attractive GS-hosted is,” said Group Sales & Business Development Director, Richard Carter. “For example the system and licences are included in a lease option which can ease cash flow for resellers and their customers, whilst still maintaining tremendous margin potential.”

Resellers were given an introduction to GS-hosted and details about the commercial models available as well as hearing how becoming an authorised partner is the best way to develop their sales – with discounted demo kits, white label marketing and a wealth of training support all available including third-party installation expertise.

“Hosted is happening. We’ve seen a 60% year-on-year increase in IP handset sales and a 33% rise in ISDN to SIP conversion. GS-hosted is a game-changer with 45% margins from day one as part of a choice of revenue models. We’ve seen a big take-up in new businesses, office moves, Estate Agents and managed offices. GS-hosted represents a very powerful and compelling way for resellers to join the hosted bandwagon.

“For example only Nimans can officially lease licences, compared to normal agreements where licence fees need to be collected monthly or quarterly by resellers themselves. This means getting their profit drip fed with costs for billing.

“But with our service they can receive the revenue up front and do not have to include any expensive systems to collect the rental. In addition, with a signed lease agreement we can get the kit released without payment, helping cash flow and quickness of payment.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine