Nimans Urges Partners to Keep it Simple

Nimans has unveiled a complete network services portfolio designed to unlock more reseller revenue. The enhanced ‘Get Simplified’ service spans mobile tariffs, broadband (inc line rental), ISDN to SIP conversion and also connectivity where super-fast full Ethernet expansion is available in selected areas.

Mark Curtis-Wood, Nimans’ Head of Network Services says the complete support package combines simplicity with maximum reseller margin potential – and represents a menu of services specifically designed for the SMB arena.

“We recognise that network services can sometimes seem a complex conundrum for some resellers – from the technology itself to billing and recurring revenue. It’s a journey where many resellers are at different stages, but we’re with them every step of the way.

“We want them to engage with us so we can help them capture additional revenue. For example they can take advantage of Simplified Mobile Voice and Data , a straightforward approach to additional revenue with our SIM only wholesale tariffs

“We also offer bureau billing and make it incredibly easy to expand their portfolio and sell connectivity, by simplifying the tariffs and services.”

Mark emphasised: “Our straightforward approach to wholesale tariffs, multi-service propositions and refined back office support deliver greater revenue and added value. For example our simplified Connectivity proposition offers partners carrier-grade Ethernet that is reliable, more cost effective and can be installed quicker than rival Tier 1 providers.

“Furthermore our simplified tariffs and bundles make it easier and more profitable for our partners to choose the right wholesale broadband, voice and mobile packages. In addition we’re upgrading our web portal capabilities to simplify the complexities of manual administration too.”

He concluded: “Whether data/voice connectivity, business mobile, hosted and cloud solutions or standard voice services, take the straightforward approach and simplify your supply network with Nimans.”

The company has produced a suite of dedicated guides to showcase their latest services and ensure resellers can make tailored and informed decisions.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine