Nine Telecom Group ‘PalmerSport Day’ is a Roaring Success!

Nine Telecom held a PalmerSport Day last month for their Dealers and Resellers. Race day, held at the PalmerSport purpose built racing track, the Bedford Autodrome, started with a welcome breakfast and a chance to mingle with others.

The wannabe racing champions then watched a driving video presented by Formula 1 legend, Martin Bundle, before taking to the track with expert PalmerSport racing advisors and battling it out for pole position!

So which wannabe Buttons, Hamiltons and Schumachers (otherwise known as Nine Telecom Dealers and Resellers) would take pole position? Who would be the best? Who would be the first name on the coveted Nine Telecom Driving Hall of Fame?

As engines revved, and the lights went out, in the words of Murray Walker; it was “GO!, GO!, GO!”

The day was made up of several heats in varying performance vehicle.

The ‘Driver of the Day’ Winner was Phil Lasenby, from Optimum Calls Ltd and James Palmer, Managing Director of Nine Telecom.

With heat champions crossing the chequered flag first were:

Palmer Jaguar JP1 – Craig Summers, Nine Telecom

Jaguar XKR – Dean Burgin, Blue Cherry

Renault Clio Cup – Adam Lowe, Nine Telecom

Porsche 911 JP3 – James Carroll, Admiral Voice & Data

Caterham 7 Sprint – Ed Cole, CRC

Caterham Challenge – James Palmer, Nine Telecom

Land Rover Defender – James Green, Blue Cherry

Caterham Pursuit – Phil Lasenby, Optimum Calls Ltd

Karts – Darren Weston, Weston Communications

The day was a roaring success. It was the ideal forum for Dealers and Resellers to enjoy some quality time out, combined with spending time catching up with fellow Dealers and Resellers and the Nine Telecom Team.

Dealers and Resellers were impressed with the commitment and enthusiasm Nine Telecom put into the day’s events, just as it does in everyday business, proving that Nine Telecom Group really are changing the face of the UK’s telecom’s solutions industry.

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