No comfort zone for mobile device vendors in the future

The mobile market is in a major state of change despite devices being top sellers for the consumer market, said ABI Research.

Mobile devices are the biggest selling consumer electronics products in the world, with more than one billion shipping every year. However, the market is in a state of rapid flux commented ABI.

ABI Research vice president and research director Stuart Carlaw commented: “Three or four years from now, no mobile device vendor, no matter what their market position today, will be in a comfort zone.”

Developed and developing markets for these devices are being shaped by divergent forces, explained Carlaw. Developed markets in particular are typically highly saturated, highly competitive and highly segmented, with strong product innovation.

Carlaw added: “The advent of wider mobile broadband access, the drive to maximize data revenue, the desire to push smartphone operating systems down into mid tier handsets, and rapid innovations in user interfaces will all make the mobile devices of 2010 radically unlike those of today.”

As the technologies evolve and market trends emerge, the market will see the user interface advances pioneered by Apple’s iPhone continue, Carlaw continued, with wider use of accelerometers and the addition of haptic feedback to touchscreens. Mobile Internet Devices will become an important market segment, and vendors will increasingly look to diversify their product and service offerings.

“The mobile device market is expanding, not consolidating,” notes Carlaw, “and shows increasing micro-segmentation. Disruptive influences abound.”

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