Notts Police Cop a Killing with MLL

Nottinghamshire Police says it has made substantial cost savings while increasing the connectivity between its sites and enabling new services for staff and public, by switching to MLL Telecom as its network service provider. MLL Telecom won the tender for three network circuits on price.

“We expect to make substantial revenue savings over the next five years, somewhere in the region of £40,000,” said Keith Morris, Network Infrastructure Manager at Nottinghamshire Police.

As well as the reduction in ongoing costs, Nottinghamshire Police also wanted to install a second link for server back-up traffic between the main site and the disaster recovery suite in Mansfield, reducing the traffic on the main network and improving efficiency. Prior to having the link to the remote site installed, Nottinghamshire Police used to use back-up tapes for its disaster recovery, which was a time consuming process.

One of the upgraded links is to a newly refurbished police station in Cotgrave and will support IP telephones and other new services coming on line including video conferencing. Expanded deployment of IP telephony will also create further benefits. “It is vital that our network is up to the challenge of supporting these new services,” added Keith Morris. “MLL Telecom has been instrumental in helping us to achieve this goal.”

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